Ferrari 599 GTO Price and Concept

Usestationarybikes – Ferrari 599 GTO Price and Concept It is hard to believe, but it may happen that for some the 670 horsepower Ferrari 599 GTO on the series are not enough and that the search for absolute performance remains not fully met by the skillful work of Maranello. So comes to help the company’s tuning program Romeo Ferraris of Italian Opera, Milan. For the already produced berlinetta of cavallino only 599 examples are two step, in order to satisfy the needs of every type of traveller. Step 1 involves installing air filters and sporting a pair of specially designed exhaust tailpipes which give a gain of 15 horses and 13 Nm of torque (torque 6 litre V12 series is equal to 620 Nm). Step 2 is even tastier: in addition to the sports air filters of step 1 also includes a full line of exhaust manifolds, the central component and ultra high performance all terminals.

Ferrari 599 GTO body

Ferrari 599 GTO Release Date

The icing on the cake of step 2 is the ECU remapping, an increase of 40 HP (they do then get the total power to 710 horsepower) and 48 Nm of torque. In addition, provision is made much more fluid in all regimes of the powerful engine. The preparer offers also carbon parts to enhance the aesthetics of the Ferrari 599 GTO with a touch of sportiness. There are lower spoiler, rear extractor and side mirrors.

Romeo Ferraris is certainly not his first experience with a Ferrari. There are numerous other enhancement kit designed exclusively for some other cars of Maranello, Italy, as the F458 the F430 and California.
Ferrari 599 GTO has recently been replaced by the new F12 berlinetta, presented at the Geneva Motor Show early by 2016  and launch in style directly from emiliano. Today it is the most powerful Street Ferrari 599 GTO ever built, powered by a 6.2-liter V12 that unleashes from ben 740 horses.

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