2017 Dodge Dart SRT Price and Reviews

Usestationaribikes – 2017 Dodge Dart SRT Price and Reviews World popular car brand Dodge Dart was for many years the subject of interest of many car enthusiasts. And not only that, but it became the property of the many who can not afford it themselves. What we’re going to talk about now is a version of the Dodge Dart SRT for the 2017 year, which is tip of the iceberg when talking about this model. The reason for this is the great interest of the world’s population for the new 2017 Dodge Dart SRT. As for the previous model, we can say that the whole army of satisfied customers, and the manufacturer decided to make a big milestone in the automotive industry and create Dart SRT what has not been seen since. In terms of powertrain and features new 2017 Dart SRT can say that will happen is that a big step forward. It will have excessively high performance, but also for other systems and functions that will go in favor of the great luxury that will be offered.
2017 Dodge Dart SRT concept

2017 Dodge Dart SRT  Exterior and Interior

In terms of design the new 2017 Dodge Dart SRT, we can say that it will be quite separate and distinguish it from other vehicles.The exterior changes will be able to spot new modern grille, new bumper and beautiful lights that will fit into the whole. Also, for a complete exterior design can be said to be muscular, which will proudly justify their tag SRT. Inside the cabin, the new 2016 will be a number of innovations, and he will be more luxurious than before. There will be a variety of modern technologies that will make drivers drive more enjoyable.

When we talk about engines is excellent 2017 Dodge Dart SRT can say that will be offered some excellent modern engines that loyal customers will validate and justify the trust. Now we introduce what we best known, and what else that the company still hides will present in one of the following texts. Therefore, we present a excellent 2.4 L turbo engine, which generates 285 hp successfully and 265 kg spec. Feet of torque. This engine is paired with a manual gearbox, with no other specifications. Other engines as we have said are not fully known, but speculation is that it will be offered a few of them who shall have power from 300 to 350 hp and 300 kg spec.feet torque. Another thing that can be said for the drive motors is that they will be less fuel consumers. The reason for this lies not only in the engines, but also reduced the overall weight. New technologies associated with CO2 filter will be added so that it reduces the rate of fuel consumption and provide environmentally vehicle.

The release date of the new 2017 Dodge Dart SRT in late 2016 or early 2017. As for the price it is said that the basic model will cost about $ 30,000.

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