2016 Opel Meriva Redesign and Concept

 2016 Opel Meriva Redesign and Concept radiator grille , headlamps and front bumper , and customers will also be available tehnology LED on the front and rear , luminous groups. Passengers will have access to a new generation of IntelliLink multimedia system with sevens color display , voice control , rear camera and Bluetooth connectivity. INCLUDES system and navigation with a map of Europe , which can be updated via the USB port.

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2016 Opel Meriva Body and Review

The most significant changes yet related to motorisation . New 2016 Opel Meriva gets a 1.6-liter CDTI diesel engine that meets the Euro 6 standards. This engine debuted on 2016 Opel Meriva model Zafira Tourer and Astra will initially have a version that produces 136 hp (100 kW ) and 320 Nm of maximum torque. Thanks to the new diesel engine , the car will have an average fuel consumption of 4.4 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 116 g / km. The new engine is a replacement for the old 1.7 -liter unit, which is developing 130 hp ( 96 kW ) , and also had a 10 percent greater fuel efficiency . Opel has announced that during the 2014th offer other versions of the new 1.6 -liter diesel .

2016 Opel Meriva review

The other units , and petrol engines for fuel may use and liquefied petroleum gas , meet the Euro 6 standard. Among them are the 1.4 -liter petrol engines with 120 and 140 hp, which can be paired with advanced speed automatic Transmission with calmer and more precise gear shifting. In addition, LED technology is now available for the daytime running lights as well as the latest Luminous group. The most important modification of this model can be found under the hood where he received 2016 Opel Meriva 1.6L CDTI diesel engine.

2016 Opel Meriva specs

This harmonized Euro 6 engine made ​​its debut in the Zafira Tourer suit and will be available in the 2016 Opel Meriva models with 136KS power and maximum torque of 320Nm . Equipped with this engine , the car is characterized by the fuel consumption of just 4.4L/100km with emissions of 116g/km. Other gasoline and LPG engine are also harmonized Euro 6 , including 1.4L petrol engine with 120 and 140KS power that can be paired with a six-speed automatic transmission low friction.

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